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Solutions to win: Magura naval drones now equipped with air-to-air missiles for combat operations

Photo: Ukraine's intelligence

The newest Magura unmanned sea platform upgrade includes the R73 missile, a Soviet-produced air-to-air weapon featuring an infrared guidance system.

Ukraine's intelligence reports this with reference to the commander of the Group 13 special unit, with the call sign "Thirteenth."

Magura naval drones equipped with such missiles have already been used during combat operations in the Black Sea, and this has become a severe factor of fear and risk for Russian aviation.

"Such developments are effective – Russians are terrified of them. When they see them, they are afraid even to fly up. And the uniqueness is that no one has such a thing… This weaponry has already been installed, and it will give its results,"  Thirteenth said.


As the commander of Group 13 recalled, the Russian reconnaissance ship "Ivan Khurs" was hit by controlled Magura drones.

"Adrenaline just covers. Hands are wet. At the same time, the drone must be controlled quite delicately; I would say – gently. Movements should not be sudden and uncontrolled. Everything should happen smoothly,"  the special appointee of Ukraine's intelligence explained.

Therefore, the Magura maritime attack drones have already proven their effectiveness: they deprived Russia of its dominance in the waters of the Black Sea and reduced threats to Ukraine.

During a commentary on "Facts of the Week" on ICTV, Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukraine's intelligence, stated that Magura had proven its effectiveness by diminishing the Russian Federation's control over the Black Sea and consequently reducing threats to Ukraine.

"The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, with the support of aviation and other components, pressed and tried to create additional threats to Ukraine, our Security and Defense Forces: in particular, the threat of amphibious operations. Naval drones, primarily Magura V5, became such an asymmetric response that the enemy still cannot catch up with", he explained.

For reference:

The R-73 missile is a short-range air-to-air weapon that can also be fired from land-based installations. It is self-guided, meaning it does not rely on radar or other navigation systems, as it has its thermal homing technology.

The specific shape of the tail distinguishes this missile on board the drone from the similar but earlier P-60.

On May 6, Ukraine's intelligence utilized a Magura V5 drone to successfully strike and demolish an adversary speedboat located in Crimea's Vuzka Bay.

Eventually, the intelligence clarified that they had sunk a Russian "Mongoose" 150 series boat in the Black Sea. These boats are rare in those waters.

Also, the head of Ukraine's intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, reported that the Russian missile boat "Ivanovets" was destroyed by Ukrainian-made MAGURA V5 naval drones on the night of February 1.

Furthermore, on February 14, the vast amphibious assault ship "Cesar Kunikov" was sunk near Alupka. Ukraine's intelligence "Group 13" successfully used Magura V5 drones in a covert operation to demolish the vessel. It is worth mentioning that this modern Russian ship was one of the latest additions to their naval fleet.

Finally, the Russian patrol ship "Sergey Kotov" of Project 22160 was also destroyed.

The first target of these surface drones was the Russian reconnaissance ship "Ivan Khurs."


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