16:21 11 Nov 2023

Russia sentences Crimean political prisoner to additional 4.5 years in prison

Олег Приходько. Фото: Ґрати

A Russian court sentenced a Ukrainian political prisoner Oleh Prykhodko four and half years in prison in addition to the five-year sentence he is already serving, his daughter Nataliia said.

Prykhodko was convicted of allegedly justifying terrorism and public calls for war.

Shvetsova says her 65-year-old father is not a restrained person, which was also taken into account and attributed to his case.

The Kremlin prisoner will not get out of prison alive, she assures, and he understands this.

Prykhodko is also regularly sent to the punishment cell.

"He has been in Krasnodar for God knows how long, and he is constantly being held for seven days, then three days, and when he is released, he will be put back in the punishment cell for 15 days. He is being abused, they just want to kill him… They are pressuring him, intimidating him, intimidating us: they say that they will plant something on us. "Where is your Ukraine? Your relatives will be sitting here. Your wife and daughter will be sitting here. We'll plant something and that's it"… There is so much pressure there that you can take anything on yourself. But he didn't take anything on himself," Shvetsova said.

The elderly father is not provided with any medical care or medicines, as the parcel was taken away.

For writing a complaint about this, the man was sent back to the punishment cell. The prison staff also take half of the money.

The prisoner's family wants to visit him, but as long as Prykhodko is kept in the isolation ward, it is impossible to see him.

Oleh Prykhodko is a 65-year-old activist and Ukrainian patriot from Crimea. He was detained on 10 October 2019, bein accused of preparing for a terrorist act and illegal manufacture of explosives.

His daughter Natalia previously told Suspilne Krym about the trumped-up cases against the Crimean activist, his pro-Ukrainian position, torture and health problems that the Crimean activist is currently experiencing.

In March 2021, the Russian court sentenced him to five years in prison in a strict regime colony. He is serving his sentence in the Vladimir Central Prison, which is infamous for being a place where prisoners are regularly tortured.

After Russian occupation of Crimea in 2014, over 5,000 human rights violations were recorded there, most of them related to Crimean Tatars.

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