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Eco-solution: Ukraine plants near 9 hectares of trees in Mykolaiv region

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Employees of the Forests of Ukraine state enterprise completed the spring planting of Crimean pine, which is best adapted to the conditions of southern Ukraine.

This is a plan of the president's Green Country initiative, Leonid Shulga, the forester, says.

What is the problem? 

The area of ​​the southern Mykolaiv Forestry branch is 21,000 hectares. Russia's war provoked forest fires that covered more than two thousand hectares of territory. Mostly – on the Russian-controlled Kinburn spit.

What is the solution?

President's environmental program Green Country expects to plant over 1 billion trees all over Ukraine.

Mykolaiv Forestry made a decision regarding the planting of forests. Employees plant new trees daily that are adapted to the southern region's climate.

How does it work?

The spring planting of Crimean pine, which is best adapted to the conditions of southern Ukraine, has been completed.

Shulga said that the foresters worked with a tool called "Kolesov's sword."

висадка лісу, Миколаївщина

Photo: Fedir Bondar

"The root system is deep, and the tool is specially adapted for it. We first make a hole, throw a seedling in, and then we press the seedling with a "sword" in order to squeeze out the air so that the root system does not dry out down there," Leonid Shulga said.

Foresters planted over 4 hectares of trees in March.

висадка лісу, Миколаївщина

Photo: Fedir Bondar

"Now is such a good time. The rain helped us so that the soil is wet. We decided to exceed the plan by 4 hectares. That is, our total area will be 8.7 hectares," the forester added.

Olga Polikhovska, the firefighter, says the seedlings are about two years old.

висадка лісу, Миколаївщина

Photo: Fedir Bondar

"We are planting Crimean pine. The distance between seedlings is 70 centimeters," she said.

Forester Oleksandr Krasovsky adds that the planting rate is 750 seedlings.

"750 seedlings for one pair of workers per day. We make two or three standards per day," he emphasizes.

Mykolaiv foresters have already planted 48.2 million seedlings.

Other forest users also plant trees. In total, 266 million 289 thousand seedlings have already been planted.

One can track the progress here: https://zelenakraina.gov.ua/.

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