10:03 30 Dec 2022

UK hands over demining equipment to Ukraine

Photo: Getty Images

Ukraine received over 1,000 VALLON metal detectors and 100 bomb disposal kits from the UK. All this should help demining fields and make de-occupied territories, civilian homes, and infrastructure safe.

Rubryka reports, citing the British government.

These supplies are the last in Britain's continuous support to Ukraine in 2022.

"russia's use of landmines and targeting of civilian infrastructure underline the shocking cruelty of putin's invasion. This latest package of UK support will help Ukraine safely clear land and buildings as it reclaims its rightful territory," said British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

VALLON can reportedly help troops break through minefields and clear out safe routes on roads and trails. It can also help ensure that civilian infrastructure and homes are cleared of explosives, allowing people to return to their homes safely.

In addition, bomb disposal kits are designed to defuse the destroyer from unexploded russian bombs, ammunition, and improvised explosive devices. The anti-explosive ordnance equipment is said to be one of the latest in a wide range of equipment Britain has provided to Ukraine to support the fight against russia's illegal invasion.


Britain will allocate 2.3 billion pounds to support Ukraine in 2023.

Earlier, Great Britain allocated a new aid package to Ukraine, which included anti-aircraft systems and means of combating drones.

In addition, Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace does not rule out the possibility of transferring Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

Ten crews of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have already conducted training on Sea King helicopters, which Great Britain will provide to the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of further support.

For the Ukrainian military, Britain handed Ukraine over 15,000 winter sets of equipment and about 900 generators.


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