13:31 28 Dec 2022

russia's occupation regime in Crimea sentenced Ukrainian journalist to 7 years in prison

The "Feodosia City Court" sentenced nurse and journalist Iryna Danylovych to 7 years of imprisonment.

ZMINA journalists reported this.

On December 28, the illegal "judge" of the so-called "Feodosia City Court," Natalia Kulinska, announced the verdict in the case of nurse and civilian journalist Iryna Danylovych. Kulinska sentenced her to 7 years of imprisonment, and the public figure must also compensate the occupiers with 50,000 rubles.

Before that, Iryna Danylovych was kidnapped by the FSB officers of the Russian Federation; she was beaten and strangled, and the woman's condition deteriorated significantly. Then the russian security forces accused Iryna of possessing an improvised explosive device.

Ірина Данилович

In her speech during her last words, Iryna Danylovych spoke about the Crimeans who the occupiers forcibly abducted. In particular, the following names of missing Ukrainians were heard:

  • Rizvan Abduramanov,
  • Marsel Aliautdinov,
  • Eskender Apseliamov,
  • Arsen Suiunov,
  • Shevket Aripov,
  • Ivan Bondarets,
  • Valerii Vashchuk,
  • Maksym Kaplienko,
  • Fedir Kostenko,
  • Kateryna Klapova,
  • Vasyl Chernysh,
  • Arsen Aliiev,
  • Mukhtar Arislanov,
  • Ruslan Heniev,
  • Islam Dzepparov,
  • Seiran Zinedinov,
  • Ervin Ibrahimov,
  • Dzevdet Isliamov,
  • Arlen Terekhov,
  • Timur Sheimardanov,
  • Reshat Ametov.

"People without faces and names, confident in their unlimited power and impunity, kidnap people, illegally deprive them of their liberty, subject them to torture, rob their houses. And then, to hide or justify their atrocities, criminal cases are brought against these people; explosives, drugs, or whatever the imagination can do are thrown into their personal belongings or houses," said the public figure.


Iryna Danylovych is a journalist, nurse, and public activist from Feodosia. She collaborated with the publication INzhyr media and the human rights project Crimean Process. ZMINA also writes that Iryna Danylovych joined an independent medical trade union and defended the rights and interests of workers in the field.

Security forces of the russian FSB kidnapped the woman on April 29, and until May 7, she was held without any status or assistance of lawyers.

"They interrogated her on a polygraph, put psychological pressure on her: they promised to take her to the forest, to Mariupol, and feed her once a day," the journalists informed.

Later, explosives were "found" in the woman's possession.

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