13:18 25 Mar 2022

President of Poland responds to Russia's "nuclear" threats

Polish President Andrzej Duda has responded to Russia's threats, saying Poland is a peaceful country but will defend itself in the event of an attack.

This was reported by TVP info.

When Duda was asked about "Russia's threats against Poland," he said: "There is a saying in Poland: don't scare, don't scare… (because you'll shit your pants – ed.), nie strasz, nie strasz, bo się zesrasz. We are a nation that wants to live in peace. We are a nation that has not attacked anyone, especially in the last century. We have always wanted to live in peace. If someone attacked, they attacked us."

He assured that Poland "wants to live in peace in the future."

"We broke free from the Iron Curtain, regained full sovereignty, independence, economic freedom to live relatively comfortably, develop, get rich, explore the world and be citizens of the world. And we want that to continue. This is our desire, as a society and a nation. We are non-aggressive and do not want to attack anyone," Duda said.

He stressed: "But we must prepare for the fact that someone will attack us. If someone wants to attack us, whether from the north, or from the east, or from any other side, he must take into account that we will stand firm in defense of our homeland."

"I assure you that it is large enough to bury the attackers," he added.

Duda's statement was a response to threats on Russian propaganda channels that Poland could expect a nuclear attack and "Warsaw will disappear in 30 seconds" if Poland participates in the peacekeeping mission in Ukraine.

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