22:47 10 Mar 2022

"We are moving to counterattacks": Ukrainian Defense Minister's address

Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov addressed Ukrainians.

According to him, no one believed that we would last that long.

"We are not just holding on. We are already moving to counterattacks. The enemy's plans are broken. The whole world sees this and is trying to achieve change.

Sincere thanks to all our defenders. To all participants of the people's resistance. Physicians, rescuers, volunteers.

Together, we are a force that cannot be defeated," the minister said.

"I want to talk to you about what is happening now and how we can win this war.

First. Having suffered devastating losses, the Russian occupiers launched a terrorist war. They behave like criminals and cowards. They kill and take hostage civilians, women, and children. As of March 10, Russian interventionists had killed more Ukrainian civilians than our military in all defense sectors. I want this to be heard not only in Ukraine. And all over the world.

The Kremlin is bombing schools, hospitals, and maternity hospitals. Moscow does not protect anyone. It destroys. They are not able to fight our army, guards, defense. Therefore, attack the most vulnerable.

We will take revenge for every Ukrainian. Every Russian terrorist will be held accountable for crimes against humanity! We have lists of participants in the intervention and their accomplices and they will be provided to all relevant institutions. No one will go unpunished for all the horrors and evil they have brought to Ukraine and the world. Now the state leadership is working to save the lives of our people. The priority is to organize humanitarian corridors to evacuate citizens from the most vulnerable cities. First, it is Mariupol, cities in the Sumy region, Kharkiv region, some suburbs of Kyiv. As well as the delivery of humanitarian goods. Everything possible is being done, given that the Russians are not keeping their word.

Second. We are working around the clock to strengthen our army.

I will not comment on arms supplies. I can say that tens of thousands of helmets and body armor, medicines, and other important things are moving to Ukraine. I am in constant contact with the Command of the Armed Forces. Our army has enough fuel. But we still form additional reserves, strengthening them in all possible directions. We place additional orders from our manufacturers.

Third. I have already said that more than 100,000 Ukrainians have joined the ranks of defense. Also, more than 200,000 of our citizens have returned from Europe to defend their country. In addition, there are foreign volunteers who are ready to fight against Russian Nazism. I want to appeal to all conscripted Ukrainians.

Martial law has been declared in the state, mobilization is underway. The Armed Forces Command asks you not to lose contact. Stay in touch, don't get lost. The country needs you! If you have moved with your family to other regions, contact your local enlisting and social support center.

No one will take unprepared people to the army and send them to the front. It doesn't make any sense. Vice versa. Our army stops a larger enemy because it is motivated, better trained, and armed. We will not defeat Russia in numbers. We will overcome its quality. Those who have the appropriate skills, weapons, and equipment will be sent to combat units.

Just keep in touch with the enlisting center at the place of actual residence. This is necessary not only for defense but for the country and the economy in general. So that we understand all the possibilities and can plan.

Fourth. Regarding the economy. The war significantly affects the state of the country. This year we will produce much less and harvest less. Because we must not only liberate our fields from the enemy, we must de-mine them. It's time.

We will defeat Russia only if the economy works and creates appropriate opportunities for defense. Our partners and international financial organizations have announced significant amounts of support for Ukraine. After the victory, we will quickly restore everything destroyed. But before we win, we have to start everything we can.

Additional production sites for defense will be deployed in Central and Western Ukraine. Also, part of the capacity will be transferred to civilian enterprises that are at risk.

I appeal to those who were forced to go to other regions; don't try to wait. Don't just count on your savings. Look for a job.

The government will do everything possible to help the regions adapt to new realities. There will be direct support programs for people. But a strong rear is the key to a strong defense. Everything that can work and develop must do so.

Get a salary, pay for utilities, if possible, try not to fall out of economic processes.

We understand that it is very difficult for many now. So please do what you can.

Now the special emphasis is placed on logistics. Movement not only of military cargo but of humanitarian aid and ordinary goods. The country should not stop where possible.

Fifth. International sanctions have a strong impact on the situation in Russia. Our army is doing a great job to make the war as unpopular as possible among the Russians.

But we must realistically assess the situation. We are approaching victory with all our might. However, no one will say for sure when Russia will run out of strength. This may happen later than we would like.

We must be ready. We must not survive, but learn to live in new conditions. Restart the defense sector and the country as a whole.

Then the enemy will have no chance to defeat us.

I do not want to cite the experience of other countries that have endured similar conditions. We know various examples. But we all need to get used to the fact that now we are an example and role model. For Europe. For the world. And the example is very worthy! Let's keep the system. We support loved ones. We are moving towards victory.

Glory to Ukraine!" the Minister said.

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