15:41 18 Jun 2021

Halushchenko: We consider Nord Stream 2 as a weapon

The volume of gas pumped through the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is critically dangerous for Ukraine.

"Certainly, we consider Nord Stream 2 as a weapon. It is not a matter of economy and commerce. We understand that the volume of gas pumped – 55 billion cubic meters – through the Nord Stream 2 is critically dangerous for Ukraine," Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko said at the Verkhovna Rada on June 18.

He stressed that the issue of construction and launch of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was not closed and Ukraine intended to take certain steps to address it. In particular, Ukraine may demand the application of European legislation in order to prevent the launch in full.

According to Halushchenko, the Government also considers renewing the consortium of the gas transmission system in order to ensure transit through Ukraine.

"Certainly we will oppose the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project but at the same time we need to think what partners can be involved to ensure the functioning of the domestic system," the minister stressed.

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