16:49 16 Jun 2021

Sikorsky's house: People's Deputy addresses to law enforcement agencies because of the Ministry of Defense inaction

People's Deputy of Ukraine from the "Servant of the People" party Arsenii Pushkarenko called on the Ministry of Defense to finally take real steps to preserve, restore and transfer the legendary Sikorsky estate on Yaroslav Val either to the balance of Kyiv or the Ministry of Culture.

Arsenii Pushkarenko stated this from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, Rubryka reports.

"The drama around Sikorsky's estate continues to unfold. Ten years ago, as head of the Kyiv Youth Movement, I initiated the termination of a bondage agreement between the Ministry of Defense and a pseudo-charitable foundation that was supposed to build a museum there but actually destroyed it. But after returning the estate to state ownership, breaking the bondage lease for 49 years, we see that the Ministry of Defense has been inactive for all these years and is doing nothing to save the world architectural monument." Pushkarenko reminded them that Ihor Sikorskyi is a brilliant inventor who designed a helicopter, launched the world's first aircraft with a separate passenger cabin, "it glorifies Ukraine and unites us with the United States, our strategic partners," he said.

будинок сікорського

"But instead, we see that the state, represented by the Ministry of Defense, is sabotaging the issue. You and I have been calling on the President of Ukraine for several months to intervene to save the estate. The President responded positively to our request and gave instructions. The Prosecutor General's Office has sent to court and the Ministry of Defense is obliged to immediately begin the restoration and reconstruction of the estate. But the Ministry continues to sabotage the will of the Ukrainian parliament, the president's instructions, and the state's position in court," Pushkarenko said.

арсеній пушкаренко

To recap, earlier, President supported the deputy inquiry initiated by Arsenii Pushkarenko, voted by the Verkhovna Rada, concerning taking urgent measures for preservation and restoration of this historical monument. Volodymyr Zelenskyi sent the relevant letters to Prime Minister and the Prosecutor General.

The people's deputy reminded the Rada that recently they tried to burn the estate and, in his opinion, it was an artificial fire.

"The other day the Ministry of Defense stated it considered it expedient to transfer the estate to private hands. Although we know there's a decision of the Kyiv City Council that the Kyiv community is ready to accept this historical monument, it's also ready to take this historical monument to the balance of the Ministry of Culture, according to the statement of Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko," Pushkarenko declared from a tribune of Rada.

"Therefore, I call on the Ministry of Defense to stop playing with these things and still take real steps to preserve, restore and transfer the estate or the balance of the city of Kyiv, or the balance of the Ministry of Culture, which will be a logical continuation of this issue. I appeal to law enforcement agencies with a statement about the crime of inaction of the Ministry of Defense and specific officials in this matter."

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