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Admitted to police ranks: Chernivtsi police realize the dream of the boy with cancer

In Chernivtsi, a 10-year-old boy with a fatal illness was admitted to the patrol police to make his dream come true.

Shpalta reports this story.

10-year-old Sashko Andriichuk has a fourth-stage brain tumor with metastases and a diagnosis of medulloblastoma. Doctors can no longer help him. The boy is living his last days in the "City of Goodness," a support center for mothers with children. Doctors recently examined him with his mother in Kyiv, after which they decided not to treat the boy, so as not to torment him in vain with chemotherapy and hospitals.

"They can't say exactly how much time the boy has, but it's little," local volunteer Marta Levchenko said.

Mother and child don't have the opportunity to be at home; the boy's father drinks and harasses them. Therefore, they found themselves in the "City of Goodness" center.

мрія хлопчика поліційські

"Here he will live his last days. Mom knows this, we all know it and are ready for it, but we're still ready to fight. Maybe some miracle doctor will see his story and give us hope. We're ready to do everything not to let go of this pleasant boy," the volunteer added.

Now the boy is no longer talking and half of his body is paralyzed. But he dreams and explains his dreams to others as best he can.

"He writes with his fingers on the gadget. We asked him what he dreams about, what would make him happy, and make him smile. He answered in one word: "Police." The police are his idols. He said he would definitely become one of them when he grows up. We are very moved by this because we understand he will not become a police officer. But we can unite and do everything to make him feel like one of them," Marta Levchenko says.

This story was reported on social media, after which there was a response from hundreds of police officers from all over Ukraine. Over the weekend, the boy was sewn a special name uniform with a badge, and on February 15, about 80 law enforcement officers from Bukovyna and Prykarpattia made Sasha a surprise and came to visit him. After a quiet hour, he got up and was led to the window, from which he saw his idols with his own eyes.

мрія хлопчика поліційські

Sasha was given a uniform and a badge, after which he was invited to the street. There, militiamen greeted him with applause and carried out an initiation ceremony to the ranks.

Then the boy chose the car in which he made his first real patrol.

мрія хлопчика поліційські

мрія хлопчика поліційські

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Photo: shpalta.media

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