12:50 28 Jan 2021

YouTube blocks Dubinskyi's channel

YouTube video hosting has blocked the channel of People's Deputy Oleksandr Dubinskyi, against whom the United States has imposed sanctions.

Relevant information is posted on the Dubinsky.pro channel.

It's no longer searchable on YouTube, and if you follow a direct link, the channel says it has been blocked "due to a violation of the YouTube Community Guidelines."

It's also impossible to watch Dubinskyi's latest videos, including his address to President Volodymyr Zelenskyi demanding a personal meeting. YouTube indicates that the video is no longer available because the channel has been removed.

To recap, at the meeting of the faction on Monday evening, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi asked "the servant of the people" Oleksandr Dubinskyi, who came under the U.S. sanctions, to leave the faction, but he refused. The dispute in high tones lasted half an hour. The President noted he had warned the People's Deputy before the sanctions not to get involved in the tapes topic and not to contact Derkach, because Derkach is an FSB agent. The president also reminded that Dubinskyi "split the faction all the time" and that his "journalistic activity" during his time as a deputy lowered the rating and image of the faction.

Dubinskyi shouted that People's Deputy Anastasia Radina had allegedly betrayed Ukraine, worked for foreign secret services, and that "shabuniata and sorosiata" had lied to him and misled Zelenskyi.

In response, the president forbade the people's deputy to hide behind him, and called Dubinskyi's accusations against the Center for Combating Corruption childish, explaining that "this is not a branch of government, but a public organization to criticize." Zelenskyi also advised Dubinsky to refrain from making excuses.

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Де українські санкції проти дубінських-медвдечуків?

А Україна досі не заблокувала жодного пропутінського депутата.

Дубінський - жид продажний, який захопившись співпрацею прибутковою з агентами ФСБ, гавкнув на США на стороні Трапма, вимагаючи разом з рсоіянами посадити сина Байдена.

"Дубінські"-Бужанські однаково і навіть більше проти України і українців працювали. Та в Раді Медведчук, а Шефір з Татаромив в ОП, Венедіктова далі на посаді.

Якого руху до Європи сподіватись не розібравшись з саботажники і будівельниками правил руского міра?

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