13:15 19 Nov 2020

"The key development tool is an investment," Tkachenko calls to build creative entrepreneurship

Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko emphasizes the importance of uniting around the creation and development of the creative entrepreneurship ecosystem.

He stated this during a speech at the IV International Forum "Creative Ukraine."

"Let's return to the ecosystem of creative entrepreneurship. Actually, the basic one already exists, but it doesn't function effectively yet. Our task is to change in order to unite around the creation and development of a creative entrepreneurship ecosystem. There are a place and role in this process for everyone: innovator and investor, creator and community, social entrepreneur and government, development and business partner, artists and science, local government and startups. What is it for? First, for people, because they are the key value of the creative entrepreneurship ecosystem and, of course, for preserving our heritage," Tkachenko said.

As principles for developing such an ecosystem, the Minister proposes to learn to hear, interact, motivate, respect, and thank each other.

"And what's next? The key development tool is one: invest, invest and invest again. We need to work on public investment, and more, to create conditions for attracting, supporting, and protecting private investment in the creative economy," Tkachenko stressed.

In addition, the official noted that by 2030, the creative industries must receive favorable conditions to express themselves through development.

"What could be the result? 10% of GDP is part of the creative industries. Second, how do we achieve 10%? By creating an ecosystem for creative entrepreneurs, and it's task number 1. And third, creative industries are still at the top of state priorities. We must finally recognize the role and influence of creative entrepreneurs," Tkachenko stressed.

He reminded that grants for institutional support were launched this year, including through financial compensation. In addition, the "5-7-9" loan program for creative industries has been modernized, and a seven percent "cultural VAT" for creative industries has been introduced.

Today, the IV International Forum "Creative Ukraine" takes place for the first time, combining offline and online speech formats because of the pandemic. For two days, the participants will consider the current state and prospects of creative industries in Ukraine. Among the forum's guests and participants are Ukrainian authorities' representative, EU and British officials, well-known figures of the creative industries; representatives of HBO and other world-famous companies, Stanford and Harvard professors, founders and leaders of leading Ukrainian businesses working in the creative economy sector.

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