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Estonia’s support to Ukraine: facts and numbers

Despite its small size, Estonia has been a major supporter of Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale war commenced on February 24, 2022

According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Estonian financial aid in the war has been relatively small, with no aid money officially pledged or provided. However, regarding humanitarian aid and military commitments, Estonia has made significant and noteworthy contributions.

Estonia's support to Ukraine

Estonian humanitarian aid has totaled 0.005 billion euros, or 0.017% of its GDP, ranking it 29th globally. 

This aid includes:

  • medical supplies,
  • assistance with the displaced population, 
  • machines and equipment for rescuers, 
  • generators, 
  • financial aid for the purchase of fuel, 
  • basic necessities,
  • computers and tablets,
  • and other forms of humanitarian support.

For example, the BGV Charitable Foundation and the Government of Estonia have launched a joint program to provide free prostheses and rehab to Ukrainians injured in the war. The program supplies bionic electronic prostheses tailored to each user at Ida-Tallinn Koskhaigla Hospital, each estimated to cost €70,000-€80,000. The partners expect to make prosthetics available to 20 Ukrainians by the end of 2023.

Estonia was the pre-eminent nation to initiate the tangible revitalization of Ukraine, bestowing €6 million to reconstruct Ukraine and a number of developments concentrated in the Zhytomyr region, including, but not limited to, the initiation of an energy-efficient nursery in Ovruch and the reconstruction of a bridge in Malyn.

At the same time, only €4.1 million is aid provided through state mechanisms, while the value of aid from the private sector and public initiatives reaches €19 million.

Regarding military commitments, Estonia has provided a total of 0.308 billion euros (ranking it 18th in the world), or 1.082% of GDP (making it the 2nd of the world's donors). The military aid that Estonia has provided to Ukraine is more than a third of the Baltic country's annual defense budget. On a per capita basis, Estonia's defense assistance is one of the largest in the world.

This military aid includes (but not limits to):

  • Javelin anti-tank missile systems;
  • Missiles for anti-tank missile systems;
  • Howitzers;
  • Anti-tank mines;
  • Anti-tank grenade launchers;
  • Mortars;
  • Vehicles;
  • Communication equipment;
  • Medical supplies;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Dry food packages;
  • In collaboration with Germany, Estonia has donated two field hospitals & medical supplies with a value of €15 million;
  • A joint project with Netherlands & Norway has donated a third field hospital & medical supplies totaling €7.8 million;
  • Aid package with semi-automatic rifles, sniper rifles, sights, binoculars, ammunition, individual and special equipment, patrol boats, & thermal cameras;
  • Demining equipment;
  • Training for 600 Ukrainian service members, with two more large training missions (1 supported by the EU, the other an Estonian-coordinated venture);
  • Estonian instructors teach medical & sniper practices.

In total, Estonia has provided 0.313 billion euros of aid (23rd in the world) and an impressive 1.100% of its GDP (2nd biggest contributor to Ukraine).

The people of Estonia have been unwavering in their willingness to come to the aid of Ukraine in its time of need, despite the considerable costs incurred. As a result, Estonia stands as a shining example of what countries can do when faced with an international crisis.


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