11:40 03 Бер 2023

US hosts military exercises for Ukraine ahead of russia's new war phase

The United States is hosting war exercises in Germany for Ukrainian military officers to help them think through upcoming battlefield decisions.

It occurs ahead of the next phase of the year-old russia's full-scale war, Reuters reports.

The Ukrainian military is involved in thought exercises to evaluate potential military courses of action. The US officials do not talk through the potential battlefield scenarios that Ukrainian military staff was examining during the drills.

"No one is sitting there telling the Ukrainians, go left or go right or do this or do that. That is not the job of the international community," the top US military officer, Army General Mark Milley, said. 

"All we're doing is setting up the framework and the mechanics to allow the Ukrainians to self-learn, to lean against a situation, or various scenarios."

General Darryl Williams, the US Army commander in Europe, praised the dozens of Ukrainian military staff who attended the drills, saying they were "really, really good".

The United States and its allies have committed billions of dollars of military aid to Ukraine, including Bradley fighting vehicles, tanks, and advanced air defenses.

The US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said last month he hoped the contributions would "make a pretty significant difference in their counteroffensive in the spring."

The United States and its allies are also training Ukrainian forces outside of Ukraine, including combined arms training in Germany.

Milley expressed optimism in Ukraine's military even as he acknowledged a difficult fight ahead.

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