16:56 03 Бер 2023

Auchan's management is lying about aid to russian army – The Insider

Earlier Auchan retail company said it didn't know a collection of its products was intended for the russian military.

The new evidence shows the contrary, the Insider, russian independent media outlet, reports.

The French company acknowledged the existence of a donated collection of Auchan products three weeks after the beginning of the war in saint petersburg in russia. But it claims that it did not know the destination – the military, according to the investigation.

Auchan added that it was an order from the city hall of saint petersburg.

The Insider provided new information on this order. Although Auchan maintains that they were unaware of the end recipient of the supplies, their employees and managers themselves attached "humanitarian aid" labels to the packages on Auchan premises. Interestingly, the "aid" item list did not include any items for women or children but did include razors and cigarettes.

At least two representatives of the companies involved in processing the aid for Auchan confirmed on tape, available to The Insider, that they knew the aid was destined for the military

"Although Auchan contends that the presence of aid collection points for the russian military in shopping malls was merely a coincidence, there are indications to the contrary. For instance, why did volunteers who collected aid for the military in various cities, such as vladimir and rybinsk, publicly express gratitude to Auchan for their assistance, and why were they seen shaking hands with regional Auchan employees wearing Auchan uniforms in front of Auchan stores, as depicted in report photos." the Insider reports.

The evidence found the supply chain used to provide aid to the russian defense ministry during the initial weeks of the war. Subsequently, following the mobilization declaration, aid was delivered not only directly but also through collection points in shopping centers where volunteers gathered aid for mobilized soldiers. It is now tricky to differentiate between items donated to volunteers by ordinary citizens and those supplied directly by Auchan.

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