12:49 28 Лют 2023

Western-made components still being supplied to russia

Western-made dual-use components have continued to reach russia after its full-scale war in Ukraine.

They have been and keep being used within weapons involved in russian-suspected war crimes, the International Partnership for Human Rights and the Independent Anti-Corruption  Commission (NAKO) reports.

"Trade data revealed three western technology companies – two of which make dual-use components being sought by russia to manufacture and repair its military equipment, and one of which makes a variety of a specific component needed by the russian military – continue to export thousands of components worth millions of dollars to russia as recently as in November  2022." the report says.

The data indicates that the russian Kalibr cruise missile includes components produced by 11 foreign companies, including 9 American ones, as well as Swiss and Taiwanese ones. This and other selected case studies with the detailed analysis will be made public in the coming weeks as part of the NAKO's report on Western components in russia's weapons and military equipment.

"Among the suspected war crimes examined are russian strikes on residential buildings, civilian infrastructure, and power plants, leaving hundreds of civilians killed and wounded and millions of people without heat and water. " NAKO adds.

The report concludes that four key russian weapons and weapon systems used to carry out suspected war crimes are, to varying degrees, reliant upon western-made components. It also concludes that existing regulations and enforcements aiming to cut russia's access to western dual-use technology are not sufficient, evidenced by the fact that exports to russia from companies making components sought by the kremlin continue.

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